What is ABEL?

ABEL is a digital platform where personal trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, physical trainers and coaches in sports teams can create programs for workout and nutrition for their customers, athletes, and patients, and follow up the progress.

You create the plan on admin and the customer follows the plan in the app!

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Make templates that adjusts to the client’s needs as they complete the programs you have made for them. Meal templates adjusts to the client’s caloric needs and the workout templates adjusts automatically to the progress of the client’s strength and conditioning level. You can make individually adjusted programs in 1/10 of the time.



Get a notification when the client completes a workout, sets a new record, or completes the meal plan. With one platform of communication for all your clients, you have everything in one place, and can give lightning fast feedback to your clients anywhere you are. Your customers love it and you save loads of time.



With immediate response when goals are met, beautiful graphs with progress, and encouraging words from you as their coach, the completion of the programs goes from 0 to 100 overnight. We are hardwired as humans to love recognition and will do anything to get a sense of achievement.

Easier nutrition planning

It takes time to make individual nutrition plans in Microsoft Word or with pen and paper. With automated templates, it takes 10-20 seconds to add a meal plan that is adjusted for the individual allergies, preferences, and calorie needs of each client. The clients can make small adjustments within the boundaries set by you on their own through the app.

Individualized workouts in seconds

Make templates that can be used on multiple clients, but at the same time are adjusted to each client’s level, in a matter of seconds. The customer gets ALL the information they need and don’t have to do any thinking, while you have the full overview of completion, development and workload in the admin.


Visualize the progress with graphs

All progress on exercise and diet is automatically presented as beautiful graphs. Both you and the customers can follow the development and set goals going foreward. The trend lines make it easy to give customers the right expectations for future results, and further increase the motivation. With pop-ups for new records and achieved goals, customers become hyper-motivated and develop stronger habits in workout and nutrition.

Make ABEL your own

Choose from ready-made dishes with inviting images, professionally filmed exercises, and use the pre-made diet and exercise templates, or post videos of yourself and create your own exercises, dishes, diet and exercise templates in minutes. Give customers a completely unique experience, and make ABEL your own.


Our prices

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    • Unlimited number of customers in admin
    • Can charge your customers in admin
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